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With honor, they are/listed below for thoughtful/Grammar Day haiku

Along with the Grammarian Court of our five winning National Grammar Day haiku, there are many entries that deserve mention. Here, then, for your enjoyment, in alphabetical order by author, our honorable mentions:

Bryant Huber (@bryanthuber):independent clausesemi-colon goes right hereindependent clause

Scott Huler (@huler):i don’t mind it muchthat you keep correcting mebut you’re always wrong

Wendy Mackall (@WendyMackall):Editors rejoicewhen all subjects and all verbscan at last agree

John McIntyre (@johnemcintyre), honored for two haiku among several great ones:If you verb some nounsand also noun a few verbs,English will survive Treat your editorlike an old friend you count onto tell you the truth

Arika Okrent (@arikaokrent):Each writer who writeshe/she should stand up and fightfor singular “they”

David Sanchez (@Orbspiders):Clear thought, unclear wordsA wonderful ideaHidden by errors

William Reagan (@WilliamReagan):Possessive ends “S”apostrophe looks nervousunsure where to stand

Jen Ross (@Jenro93)Sometimes wrongs DO makea right–just ask “snuck,” who sneakedinto acceptance

Neal Whitman (@LiteralMinded):AbominationsOf yesterday turn intoToday’s grammar rules

Check the previous post for the winning five haiku and the next post for the complete list of entries.

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