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Bard Day celebration offers much to read about

It’s Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, more or less, and all of Twitter is a stage for stories about the immortal one.

There is no time for me to read of Shakespeare morning until night, so I created a list of links pulled from Twitter today for your leisurely reading enjoyment, The first one is my own, so I may be a poor jurist. But all the others I have read or intend to read.

Shakespeare’s plays: Timeless, or full of anachronisms?

The Shakespeare sentence that changed my writing – and can change yours

If Shakespeare had written Star Wars

13 everyday phrases that came from Shakespeare

45 everyday phrases that Shakespeare coined

William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday: 50 everyday phrases that came from the Bard

20 great Shakespearean insults

6 words from Shakespeare for 2014

Was Shakespeare aware of the scientific discoveries of his time?

Was Shakespeare an atheist? Or more of a secular humanist?

Shakespeare the magazine

As Shakespeare Turns 450, ‘Hamlet’ Tour Makes The World A Stage

The year of Lear in New York theater

Why Shakespeare belongs in prison

Shakespeare’s Unconventional Conventions

The Myth of Shakespeare: What is the true preeminence of The Bard?

The books we wouldn’t have had without Shakespeare

23 things you didn’t know about Shakespeare

I present to thee 23 ways to celebrate Mr. Shakespeare’s Birthday.

10 Shakespeare plays as Sun covers

Will power: Shakespeare Flipboard

All Shakespeare’s plays in three-panel comics

And more comics

Why the birth of Shakespeare is the birth of modern art

How well do you know Shakespeare’s plays?

Beat the Bard! Shakespeare’s characters fight it out in our interactive game

What is up with thy, thou, thee and thine?

The 10 essential screen adaptations

Reading Shakespeare without the sex jokes is the real tragedy

Shakespeare: 10 things you didn’t know

The 11 worst couples Shakespeare ever wrote

Reverb: Shakespeare stories

Top 10 Shakespeare books for children

450 years of Juliets: On women making Shakespeare

Was Shakespeare a good actor?

Shakespeare’s novel neologisms we still use

William Shakespeare, short and tweet

Incony questrists: Shakespeare’s ‘rare ornaments’ of the English language

It’s Shakespeare’s Birthday and We’ve Got Party Favors!

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