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  • Mark Allen

Bard Day celebration offers much to read about

It’s Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, more or less, and all of Twitter is a stage for stories about the immortal one.

There is no time for me to read of Shakespeare morning until night, so I created a list of links pulled from Twitter today for your leisurely reading enjoyment, The first one is my own, so I may be a poor jurist. But all the others I have read or intend to read.

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Shakespeare the magazine

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The year of Lear in New York theater

Why Shakespeare belongs in prison

Shakespeare’s Unconventional Conventions

The Myth of Shakespeare: What is the true preeminence of The Bard?

The books we wouldn’t have had without Shakespeare

23 things you didn’t know about Shakespeare

I present to thee 23 ways to celebrate Mr. Shakespeare’s Birthday.

10 Shakespeare plays as Sun covers

Will power: Shakespeare Flipboard

All Shakespeare’s plays in three-panel comics

And more comics